Tax filings reveal advocacy arm of Heritage Foundation spent $5m on lobbying in 2021 as it worked to undermine voting rights
At Conservative Partnership Institute event, Eastman told activists he'll be personally involved in challenging election results
A year on from January 6th, a new IRS filing shows corporate cash is flowing again at RAGA
An Exxon VP said climate change doesn’t pose “catastrophic, inevitable risk." Exxon’s internal science says otherwise.
Documented obtained materials from the September 2021 invite-only event
The "School Board Watchlist" goes live as protests have turned increasingly violent and ugly. TPUSA CEO Charlie Kirk calls school board members…
Materials obtained by Documented shine a light on late June 2021 meetings held at 5-Star luxury hotel
Several large corporations that have recently issued public statements supporting voting rights — including Google, Deloitte, and Citigroup — are also…
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